Epic Hang Son Doong Drone and Expedition footage – Hang En and Phong Nha Vietnam


Epic adventures of Son Doong Cave Vietnam. 5 days 4 night expedition through over 47 river crossings and over 8-10 KM per day trekking, bouldering, rock climbing and repelling. 90 Meter descending into the cave is the only way into Hang Son Doong. The largest known cave in the world. More people have been to the top of Mount Everest than inside Hang Son Doong.

Cinematic style color grade in Premiere Pro.

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Colab w/
Editor Gio @LA VISUAL

Oxalis Visuals – http://oxalis.com.vn

Filmed with PolarPro Cinema series ND Polarizer filters. ND8 filter was used.
PolarPro Cinema Series ND Polarizers – http://bit.ly/2lbXt4w

Song kindly provided by – Music Credit – OSESZA Corners of the Earth (feat. RY-X)

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