BURSA Gallery Opening Video 2017


Director & DOP Sasha Kulak https://vimeo.com/sashakulak
Produced by Vasily Grogol
The BURSA gallery is a fully nonprofit project created to discover, support and promote emerging artists from post-soviet territories. We consider the gallery as a meeting point for Ukrainian creators and wider international audience. In the BURSA art happens not only within the gallery walls; it spreads and conquers the Beliy Shum city cafe and bar, a conference hall and a library – all the way to 1818 rooftop bar.

The BURSA gallery is a research center. A new exhibition is organized every three months under a guidance of a new curator. The gallery arranges the whole process of creation, providing materials and financial support for young artists. Starting 2019, the BURSA will host an art residency for multidisciplinary creators from Ukraine and other countries. It is essential for us to keep our atmosphere independent from the influence of the art market. For this reason, the BURSA gallery is financed solely through the revenue coming from the BURSA hotel operations.

The BURSA gallery is an educational space. The gallery hosts lectures, workshops, film screenings and other cultural activities. We are eager to establish creative connections with local residents, art groups and social initiatives, especially Podil-based ones. The BURSA gallery is open to any kind of collaboration on a basis of mutual respect and love for diversity.