The Journey Trailer 2019 HD720


Genesis Advance Performing Arts Society (GAPAS) is excited to present “The Journey,” to the Ft. Monroe area, as a unique artistic presentation, that perfectly aligns with the 400 year commemoration of the first slaves arriving in Point Comfort, Virginia the latter part of August 1619.

“The Journey” is the most spectacular and thought-provoking production portraying a story of an enslaved people transported from the coast of Western Africa to the Caribbean and the Americas. Never before, have the clues that connect the lives of all humanity been presented with such compelling evidence regardless of identity, race, social status or philosophical belief.

This musical production will be accompanied by an Art Show and a series of educational workshops that celebrate the strength and resolve of a captive people and their contributions to the fabric of humanity. Just about every society on this planet has benefited from “The Journey.”

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