The art of adventure, the underwater gallery wet-suits.


Creating the art of adventure, the underwater gallery wet-suits.

The wet-suits of the underwater gallery are an art project on their own. The concept of the personalized custom made suits for each diver – team member was related to a specific creature of the sea, mammal or fish and this selection was made in relation to the role of each diver within the gallery.
The movement and characteristics of each diver personified the creature that was associated with him, and this connection and association became so strong that we found ourselves calling each other by our creature names in the water !
The design and implementation of the creature shapes and logo placement on the suits was made in Maori and Polynesian tattoo styles. existing tattoo designs where adapted and completely new tattoos were developed from scratch in order to create uniformity and correlation between divers, creatures and wet-suit design.
This concept is now a permanent fixture in the “on a single breath” team, and it continues to evolve and produce artistic ambiance and value to new and ongoing projects.
Behind every project of the “on a single breath” team, is a large team of dedicated and devoted people and the main ingredient of everything that we do, is, love and passion

Many thanks go to Giannis Halas of MEISTER for his support and trust, to Fofo Gaitani and the talented team of MEISTER for their painstaking, long and meticulous work and last – but not least – to Mariana Lalaouni for her invaluable help and feedback in designing and applying the art on the suits.

construction of wet-suits : MEISTER specialized diving gear
supervision and implementation : Mrs Fofo Gaitani
wetsuit, tatoo and creature concept : Stefanos Kontos
suit design and adaptation : Mariana lalaouni

camera :Vivian Gerogianni
edit : Stavros Logothetis
music: acoustically driven instrumental – Hyde