Sketchbook Adventures: An Online Workshop from Dear Handmade Life


Sketchbooks offer endless possibilities for self-expression and artistic discovery but staring at a blank page can be intimidating and scary if you don’t know how to start or don’t have the skills to create.

If you’ve ever looked at a drawing, painting or collage and felt inspired but also intimidated and thought…
I don’t have time to create or
I wouldn’t know where to start or
I don’t have the skills to that.
Then let’s dive in!

You don’t have to be an artist or know how to paint or draw to fill your sketchbook pages with interesting, personal and well-designed work. The chapters and prompts in this workshop guide you through the process by showing you the essential tools, building your skills and confidence in basic art techniques like drawing, watercolors, hand-lettering, image transfers and mixed media, sharing ideas to get you started and getting you organized so you can create works of art on paper that are not only beautiful but are also personal expressions of your unique experience.

The exercises take anywhere from 10 to 30 minutes to complete and you’ll work at your pace throughout the course so you don’t need a huge chunk of time to uncover your artistic genius.

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