Sidera Opening- from the movie “Lou ! Journal Infime”


This is the first (of four) animated sequence we’ve created with Yapiko animation for the french movie « Lou! Journal infime » by Julien Neel.

The purpose of those sequences scattered throughout the movie is to materialize the inner world of Lou’s mother character. In the novel she’s writing, she tells the adventures of Sidera, her fantasy alter ego.

Script: Baptiste Gaubert (Gobi), Julien Neel
Music: Julien Di Caro, Erik Sitbon, Yves Bigerel, Baptiste Gaubert
Graphic development, art direction, storyboards & animatics, supervision: Catfish Deluxe
2D Animation: Yapiko Animation
2D Inbetween+color: Graphinica
BG artist: Yann Le Gall
Chief Compositing, 3D modeling, rigging and CG animation: Michel Pecqueur