Porter Robinson Worlds Tour Visuals


We created a wild visual universe for Porter Robinson’s Worlds tour – combining anime with pixel art and glitched out Tumblr-inspired cg into epic landscapes and storylines. A huge cast of animated characters explore love, longing, and adventure in a series of fantastic alternate realities – which unfold on a massive set of on-stage LED screens. As Porter composed the Worlds album, he amassed a huge collection of links, screenshots, and story ideas pulled from the worlds of anime and online MMORPGs. We built on Porter’s foundation by adding layers of inspiration pulled from Indie games like Journey, Below, and Torchbearer and classic games like Another World and Space Harrier.

These visuals have lived on in the huge online community of Porter Robinson fans – most directly on Tumblr. Fans have recorded and re-edited the visuals into animated GIFs. This was quickly followed by original fan art based on our characters and worlds. A few even went to shows in Worlds cosplay. This embrace of the work – both online and offline – ended up being one of the coolest parts of the project, and fitting for something that began as inspiration pulled from the firehose of online digital ephemera.

Director: Elliot Kealoha Blanchard
Concept Art/Design/Illustration: Rene Alexa, Elliot Kealoha Blanchard, Beau Brokop, Brakken, Jade Choung, AJ Huang, Tom Lintern, Shawna Mills, Anny Wong
Animation: Rene Alexa, Csaba Bárdos. Johnston Blackhorse, Elliot Kealoha Blanchard, Ildiko Czipa, AJ Huang, Csaba Máli, Nibe Mbumba, Shawna Mills, Ovidiu Paltineanu, Nikoletta Papp. Shenira, Sykosan, Bea Ujj
Editor: Rodrigo Thurler
Representation: The Meta Agency
Very Special Thanks: Ghostdad
Very Special Thanks: Live action/in-concert video created by Eyewax Films | Directed by Justin Nizer | www.eyewaxfilms.com