FuturePerfect Productions 2016: Verdensteatret’s “Bridge Over Mud” Tours New York and Seattle


Verdensteatret is recognized as one of the leading Norwegian art collectives, known for surprising uses of new and old technologies in the making of contemporary theater, performance and art. Verdensteatret’s works are presented internationally in a variety of contexts, including galleries, music festivals and theaters. Led by Lisbeth J. Bodd and Asle Nilsen, Verdensteatret has long had strong ties to the European, especially German, theatrical tradition that includes Brecht, Walter Benjamin and Heiner Müller. Following experiments in fields such as visual performance, environmental theater and text-based theater, the group has recently tended toward the ambitiously interdisciplinary. Today, Verdensteatret consists of video artists, computer animators, sound engineers, musicians, artists and a painter, among others.

FuturePerfect carefully followed the development of the new work, engaged in ongoing communication with potential venues throughout US and Canada, negotiated fees, shipping, visas, marketing materials, and finally set a ten-city tour including venues in New York City, Urbana-Champagne, Philadelphia, Montreal, Austin, Vancouver, Calgary, Seattle, Columbus, Mexico City, and others. In 2016 FuturePerfect Productions will tour Bridge Over Mud to New York and Seattle.

FuturePerfect is a New York-based interdisciplinary production company focused on the intersection of live performance, media, visual art and technology. Wayne Ashley, the former Director of Arts in Multimedia at Brooklyn Academy of Music (BAM), founded the company in 2008. www.futureperfectproductions.org

FuturePerfect develops works through close and often long-term relationships with some of today’s most interesting artists, scientists, researchers and organizations. Through ongoing collaborations FuturePerfect generates and supports new directions in performance and visual culture through commissions, touring, consulting, residencies, presentations, and conferences.