Festival disPlaced rePlaced


disPlaced rePlaced , one of most important project I’ve involved .
Ipek ipekcioglu is ‘proudly’ cousin of mine. I love the energy & power & wisdom she has.
She a producer, dj, rebellion, activist, teacher, festival curator and many other great identities , full in service .

The second disPlaced rePlaced festival will be on 11.04 – 13.04 2019 in Radialsystem Berlin.

#disPlaced – #rePlaced festival
Cultural Transition of Istanbul and Berlin
Festival / 28. 29. 30. Juli/July / Radialsystem V

New and traditional music, electronic, dance performances, video collages and club culture: from July 28th to 30th 2018

interdisciplinary festival #disPlaced – #rePlaced presents artists of Turkish origin in the foreground of the current political situation in their homeland.
The focus was directed towards those who have been uprooted and have re-rooted themselves in either the European or Berlin diaspora.
Furthermore, Istanbul based creatives whose art is politically charged and who fear persecution are invited to the festival. Questions about place, homeland and identity are the focal point and issues of queer communities and women’s rights will be particularly emphasized.
Within the framework of the festival discussions, a children’s concert, a reading, two workshops as well as a club night in neighboring Kater Blau will take place.
The project was curated by Berlin and Istanbul based Ipek Ipekçioğlu.