5Point Adventure Film Festival Bellingham


5Point Adventure Film Festival is a 3-day celebration of art, community and short adventure films August 25-27 in Downtown Bellingham.

Weekend Schedule: http://5pointfilm.org/bellingham

August 26: Program I http://www.mountbakertheatre.com/shows/film-program-i-2/
August 27: Program II http://www.mountbakertheatre.com/shows/film-program-ii-2/

Daytime events include Brendan Leonard’s book presentation of 60 Meters to Anywhere, rock climbing clinics, free community parties, van life rally, and live music leading into evenings of short adventure films at the Mount Baker Theatre. Each film program will begin at 7pm and last about 3 hours. Coming to a 5Point Adventure Film Program is a unique experience, more like a concert or live arts event than a movie. We don’t want to give it all away here, but if you enjoy the element of surprise, live performance, and an emotional ride that ranges from tears in one moment to laughter in the next… then this is for you!

Full Schedule at